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Pumpkin Dog Topper w ValAsta Astaxanthin 8 oz

Pumpkin Dog Topper w ValAsta Astaxanthin 8 oz

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We farm our own nutrient dense, protein rich superfood, Spirulina and marry it with ValAsta patented Astaxanthin, both are loaded with powerful anti-inflammatory benefits.  ValAsta Astaxanthin is carotenoid derived from algae and is what makes salmon pink in color. When salmon eats algae the astaxanthin changes their color (won't make your dog pink). Astaxanthin helps prevent oxidative stress, which happens when there are too many free radicals in your dog’s body (free radicals coming from second-hand smoke, pesticides, air pollution, ozone, antibiotics, etc.). Ailments that might be helped include: immune system, joint health, eye health, brain health, heart health and cancer.

 Other ingredients: Northeastern Kelp, Atlantic Fish Meal, Brown Rice Flour, Fish Oil (omegas). Limited ingredients, grain-free, dairy free, highly digestible, no artificial anything!

Care Instructions

Keep in dry, ambient temperature. This product does not need to be refrigerated after opening.

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