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Wellness Foods for You & Your Pets

We create limited ingredient, grain-free, anti-inflammatory foods using our Farm Fresh Spirulina (micro-alga) blended with other fine ingredients and dehydrated at low temperatures to protect product integrity.

  • SoulFresh Proteins

    Spirulina base Protein Powders including Blue Spirulina, Probiotics, Cinnamon, Pumpkin Spice. Ideal for smoothies, bowls, oatmeal, coffee/tea, baked goods.

  • Agcore Pet Foods

    Treat your pets to tasty food loaded with anti-oxidants that will help reduce inflammation, improve their skin, eyes and digestion.

  • Agcore Fish Food

    A unique product line using our Spirulina as both a nutritious ingredient and a natural color enhancer. Limited ingredients, no fillers, no artifical anything!

  • Katie (NYC)

    "Yes that's what I was looking for! Your SoulFresh Spirulina not only tastes great but I can honestly say I get such a morning boost when I add to my morning smoothie. Thank you!

  • Morgan (Bosie)

    "We have an eight year old French Bulldog that seems to be going into her twilight years until we started adding your Pumpkin Topper. Our family is amazed at her energy, less scratching and over all mobility."

  • Evan (Baltimore)

    "Best ingredients! They grow their own Spirulina and create products without fillers, grains and artifical colors. Tanks seems cleaner, fish colors definately pop, highly recommend."

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