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Agcore Fish Food

Krisp™ Thick Flakes

Krisp™ Thick Flakes

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Very unique! Only contains Antarctic Krill, Agcore Farm Fresh Spirulina and a pinch of Garlic.  The flakes are similar in thickness to potato chips. Krisp™ is a natural color enhancement feed and contains natural pigments including: Chlorophylls (Green), Phycobilins (Blue), Carotenoids (Orange/Red) and Xanthopylls (Yellow).  Krisps™ are dried at low temperatures so the amino acids and nutrients are kept intact.  Fun food to watch the fish eat.

Directions: Feed as is, crumble into smaller pieces or presoak and add.  Slow sinking and suitable for all tropical marine species. It may take a few feedings for fish to become familiar but then it becomes “Catnip for Fish.”

Ingredients: Antarctic Krill, Farm Fresh Spirulina, Garlic

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein 56% min, Crude Fat 3% min, Crude Fiber 8% max, Moisture 9% max.  Made in the USA.  Net Wt 1.75oz (50g)    

Care Instructions

Keep in dry, ambient temperature. This product does not need to be refrigerated after opening.

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